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Things to do at a sleepover? 20 Activities to Do at a Sleepover

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20 Attività da Fare ad un Pigiama Party

What is the Definition of a Sleepover and What Activities Does It Include?

A sleepover is a social occasion in which a group of people, usually children or teenagers, spend the night at one of the participants' home. This type of event features recreational activities such as games, movies, conversations, and other forms of entertainment, and often includes snacks and drinks. The length of a sleepover can vary, but generally extends into the next morning, giving attendees the opportunity to strengthen bonds of friendship in a relaxed, fun environment.

Things to do at a sleepover?

What's more fun for children and teenagers than a pajama party that lasts until the early hours of the morning!

Whether you're hosting a party at your home or you're invited to a friend's house, you can always come up with great activity ideas for an unforgettable sleepover.

Organize an Unforgettable Pajama Party

If you're looking for creative ways to throw an unforgettable sleepover, you've come to the right place. A sleepover is a perfect opportunity to have fun with friends, share special moments and create lasting memories. Here are some tips on what to do to make your sleepover a smashing success.

Know that there are numerous activities you can do for fun.

It will be extremely pleasant to celebrate in comfortable pajamas all night long, singing, dancing, playing, watching a good film accompanied by delicious aperitifs.

But first you need to find the right pajamas for the party. Next you need to find out what your friends' hobbies are and only then write a list of fun and interesting activities to do during a sleepover.

Which pajama party to choose?

Good question, but for the funniest sleepover there is, choose the kigurumi. Dress up in one-piece pajamas of an animal or Disney character. Once everyone is dressed, it's impossible to be serious.

Animal pajamas

Discover now a series of fun and creative activities to entertain your friends during a pajama party!

Activity 1: Playing Board Games.

During the pajama party you have the opportunity to play board games: a vast assortment of board games is available on the market with no age limits (4 - 99 years). This type of game involves everyone and will keep you entertained all evening. This is a classic, social and friendly activity that will involve all participants, a game to play during a sleepover for boys and girls.

Activities to Do at a Sleepover: Play board games at a sleepover

Activity 2: Playing video games at a sleepover.

Today, children love to play video games, often sharing the same game at a distance. But now, during a sleepover, they have the chance to play together. The boys will love it!

Activities to Do at a Sleepover: Play video games at a sleepover

Activity 3: Watch a movie at a sleepover.

Watching a film is one of the simplest things you can do, it's relaxing, suitable for less dynamic people, perfect after an intense week. So you can watch a comedy to cheer yourself up, or share a horror movie with friends that will make you bond more than ever (or obviously age appropriate). But, it is best to avoid following this advice if it is a children's sleepover.

Activities to Do at a Sleepover: Watch a movie at a sleepover

Activity 4: Watching cartoons.

Children probably have their favorite characters, and they will definitely love watching a Disney cartoon dressed in Disney patterned pajamas ((Unicorn, Pikachu, Stitch, etc.) ! They will be in the character's shoes for a while...

Activities to Do at a Sleepover: Watch cartoons at a sleepover

Activity 5: Read a book or a fashion magazine!

A sleepover is a time to talk and exchange ideas about current fashion and trends. That's why, a few days before the party, you could stop at the kiosk and buy some fashion magazines.

Activities to Do at a Sleepover: Read a book or fashion magazine at a sleepover

Activity 6: Organize a beauty session!

A beauty session is perfect for a girls sleepover . It's an activity where girls can play at being ladies, put on makeup, do their hair and manicure.

Activities to Do at a Sleepover: Have a beauty session at a sleepover

Activity 7: Organize a karaoke session at a sleepover

Make the girls feel like stars with a karaoke session. It's time to bring out the microphones or any other object that creates the illusion, but also small accessories to dress like the stars.

Activities to Do at a Sleepover: Have a karaoke session at a sleepover

Activity 8: Dancing at a Pajama Party!

Create a disco atmosphere in your home

How to turn your living room into a dance floor

To make the experience even more engaging, transform your home into a real nightclub. Use colored lights, strobe lights and a smoke machine (if available) to create a party atmosphere. Make sure there is enough space to dance freely and that the volume of the music is adequate for the rhythm to be heard.

Turn off the lights, put on the music you love and dance, dance, dance. You will be full of energy.

Activities to do at a Pajama Party: Dancing!

Activity 9: Jewelery making.

Choosing a creative, fun and simple theme is an essential part of creating an original party. Each participant will leave a handmade gift. With friends, creating your own costume jewelry is always a festive activity that puts everyone in a good mood; With a selection of beads, ribbons and wires, you can easily create some really beautiful jewelry or other accessories yourself.

Activities to do at a sleepover: Jewelry making

Activity 10: Dress up in a kigurumi and play!

The Magic of Dressing Up with a Kigurumi

Kigurumi are Japanese costumes inspired by animals, cartoon characters and superheroes. They are made from high quality fabrics that are soft, warm and comfortable to wear. Wearing a kigurumi is not only a way to have fun, but also a form of personal expression. You can choose your favorite character or animal and transform into it for a day. Kigurumi are ideal for themed parties, conventions, cosplay events or just an afternoon of family fun.

Play in Style and Comfort

When you dress up in a kigurumi, the only limit is your imagination. You can organize fun games and activities, such as treasure hunts, dance competitions or even kigurumi themed parties. Children will love the opportunity to transform into their favorite characters, while adults can relive their childhood or explore new identities. Additionally, kigurumi are designed to be easy to wear and move around, making them perfect for all ages.

So, why not embrace the magic of kigurumi and host a day of family fun or a special event? Whether you're a cosplay enthusiast or simply looking for a unique way to spend time with your loved ones, kigurumi are the answer. Dress up in a kigurumi and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and endless fun!

It's very fun to dress up in a kigurumi, for example in panda pajamas and play all the games you want, like this one in the photo:

Dress up in a kigurumi and play a sleepover!

Unicorn pajamas have become a trend in recent years. Children's preference for unicorn-shaped pajamas is now a real trend. Soft, warm and fun, the multicolored unicorn pajamas quickly won the hearts of children. That's why it's a good option to choose unicorn pajamas.

Unicorn pajamas

Activity 11: Cooking at a sleepover!

Together with an adult you can make an assortment of mini cakes, with different assortments of topping ingredients. It's a creative activity for those with a sweet tooth, but it can also be perfect for a birthday party! Everyone loves sweets and pastries. Bring your guests into the kitchen and let them discover the pleasure of creating personalized cakes!

Cooking at a sleepover

Activity 12: Go indoor camping.

Making a small indoor camping can perfectly become the theme of the party, everyone loves to play in this calm and harmonious atmosphere. Playing in this fun atmosphere, with tents, allows children to imagine and create their own games. Tents full of blankets, pillows and soft toys: what better way to have fun?

Take an indoor camping trip to a sleepover

Activity 13: Pillow fight at a sleepover.

How about a pillow fight, it's fun for teenagers to have 30 minutes of laughter. Just collect all the pillows and blankets in the house and let's get started...

Pillow fight at a sleepover

Activity 14: Create a fort with cushions, throws, blankets...

For this activity, the more blankets, pillows and throws you have, the better. One of the best parts of the evening, building a beautiful fort to spend the night. Grab everything you can get your hands on! Anything goes, don't think about it and use your imagination. Giant soft toys are perfect for creating a cozy little nest.

Don't forget to bring along some comfortable and coordinated pajamas, so that everyone can be perfectly comfortable, in line with the theme, and remember this wonderful evening. If you want to buy some, take a look at our specialized shop. Don't hesitate to take a look at our pajama collection.

Create a fort with pillows, throws, blankets at a sleepover

Activity 15: Make a mini-movie at a sleepover.

The Magic of Pajama Party Themed Mini-Films

Immerse yourself in the magic of cinema with your closest friends. Our sleepover-themed mini-movies will transport you to fantasy worlds, intriguing adventures and dark stories, all in the comfort of your pajamas. From fantasy-themed films to gripping mysteries, there's something for everyone.

The fun begins with choosing the perfect movie for the evening. Choose from a wide selection of mini-movies that promise laughter, suspense and genuine thrills. You will be captivated by the engaging stories and extraordinary performances.

Make a Mini-Film at a Sleepover!

Here's the perfect opportunity to put your creativity to the test. Organize your own sleepover and involve everyone in making a mini-movie. Share ideas, write a script, act and have fun together as you turn your evening into a unique cinematic experience.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an aspiring filmmaker, everyone can participate and create something special. Your mini-films will be the perfect memory of an unforgettable evening.

Make a mini-movie with a smartphone where all the guests play roles in their animal pajamas. It's really interesting!

Make a mini-movie at a sleepover.

Activity 16: Carry out a photo session.

To remember this pajama party, have a photo session. Take several frames with your friends! It is a unique moment that you will enjoy seeing again after many years.

Do a photo session at a sleepover

Activity 17: Organize a treasure hunt.

Have fun and organize a treasure hunt in the room or, if possible, throughout the house. To play, hide bags of sweets, chocolates according to your imagination and launch the START!

Activities to do at a sleepover: Organize a scavenger hunt.

Activity 18: Playing "Truth or Dare" .

The "Truth or Dare" game is the most fun and cheerful game you can play with your friends thanks to tempting questions and unpredictable obligations.

Playing Truth or Dare at a pajama party

Activity 19: Play a mime game at a sleepover.

For the mime game, form two teams. Each team writes something to mime (e.g. an animal, a personality, etc.) for each player on the other team. Then the game begins: the first player of one team goes to the other team and whispers in their ear what he has to mime and then mimes it in front of his team. The time is timed, so he has to guess the word as quickly as possible. It's interesting and fun!

Play a game of mime at a pajama party

Activity 20: Have a joke competition.

A joke competition could be a good idea to make everyone laugh, to spend a cheerful and not boring evening. Motivate all players by the fact that they will receive a gift at the end!

Have a joke contest at a pajama party

Now you have lots of ideas about what to do at a sleepover. All you have to do is take action and prepare. The most important thing to remember is the choice of pajamas and for a fun party, choose one-piece animal or unicorn-shaped pajamas!

One-piece pajamas

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