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NOVA PIGIAMA il negozio dei più bei pigiami per tutta la famiglia.

NOVA PIGIAMA the shop of the most beautiful pajamas for the whole family.


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Discover the Elegance of Silk Pajamas | Luxury and refinement in the spring - summer season!

Choose silk pajamas for the spring-summer season! It is light, comfortable and elegant!

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Here you will find the most beautiful pajamas for the whole family, for men, women and children to sleep well in complete serenity.

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Nova Pigiama is the first online store specializing in pajamas for the whole family. Why shouldn't a woman or man, and especially children, feel comfortable while sleeping? So, with our cozy nightwear you can spend a sweet and colorful night under the duvet.

In our online shop you will find collections of pajamas for women, men and also for children, that is, for the whole family. As you would expect, you can find the ideal pajama set for the whole family and even the latest short pajamas for women. With a sexier nightgown you can surely surprise your partner during the day or evening.

Pajamas are a great help for a woman and to awaken the femininity in you, so why not fall in love with our collection of nightgowns? In other words, glamor and noble silk materials go hand in hand to sublimate the femininity in you. If you want more extravagance, you can also discover our collection of winter pajamas, or animal costume pajamas, which are also very warm during the cold period of the year. Finally, to improve the quality of your sleep, which should be restful every night, come and fall in love with our night masks, which would also be an excellent gift for a girl or woman. No more insomnia caused by lights in the room and room for mid-day naps!

Choose a set of pajamas for unexpected comfort.

In general, a pajama set consists of three pieces: a light robe, soft trousers and a pajama top. The effectiveness of this sleepwear is that it can be worn in all seasons. As winter approaches and temperatures drop, it's always a good idea to have an extra pajama jacket (long or short sleeved, depending on your outfit) when you're at home. Of course, a duvet can also provide comfort, but it is more difficult to move, cook or do anything else, so warm pajamas are welcome.
For the same reason, in summer, if you wear underwear, it is still convenient to have very loose pajamas to be comfortable and still appear sexy. In other words, a pajama is useful at any time.


Despite the fact that a set can be divided into 3 pieces, there are also other models of pajamas. As an example, we can mention the two-piece set, which can also be divided into two parts, depending on the pajama bottom: shorts or trousers. Of course, since every woman or man can wear pajamas in any circumstance (summer, winter), most pajamas are made of soft materials, such as cotton, polyester and velvet, so comfort is guaranteed.

In short, we have different designs and enable you to fulfill your wishes in the most versatile way possible. Whether it's a pair of pajama shorts or a complete set, the quality we offer will not disappoint you.


In particular, we took a more specific look at sleepwear for the whole family. That's why we have created the most varied collection of family pajamas, which you will undoubtedly love. For example, within these family sets, you can find and choose models with animals much loved by children and not only, that is, also by parents.

Furthermore, for parents we have models of pajamas with animal motifs (bear, unicorn, tiger, lion, wolf, rabbit, leopard). Furthermore, our pajama designs and sets can be varied to suit the comfort of the parents or children, i.e. the family. On the contrary, we hope you can find the family pajamas you need to make your evenings more comfortable.

Trust our shop to create your next nightwear and stay fashionable even in bed!

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